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Install / How to use NOTE: You need to load Frosty Editor every time when playing the game!

[*]Download latest release of MOD18 *NOTE: tags are based on FIFA 18 update release dates
[*]Download latest Frosty Tool Suite
[*]Open FrostyEditor, choose File, Open and load MOD18.fbproject
[*]Hit the Launch button!
[FONT=-apple-system]Checkout the groups of the CL/EL to find out the mod was properly loaded:[/FONT]
[*]Use groups of the Champions League and Europa League (using replacements for teams not included in the game)
[*]Improvements to the transfermarkt
[*]More teams should be active and search for replacements
[*]Higher chances of free agents
[*]Movements should reflect the 'real world' a bit more
[*]Better global scouting (GTN)
[*]Changes to tiers/league ratings

[*]Increased player values and wages
[*]Teams should play with a bit better line-up
[*]Higher chances of job manager offer(s)
[*]Sim. should be a bit more realistic
[*]Player growth
[*]Youth scouting
[*]Gameplay mod?




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